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"We can't heal it,

but we can sure make it more comfortable."

Why they work.

Elevating painful limbs caused by injury, surgery or cellulitis helps to reduce swelling, which relieves pain.  Raising the affected body part uses gravity to help return blood flow back to your body core.  

Poised Pillows conform to your body right where they’re needed. They transform and hold their shape to easily and comfortably support your body, reduce pressure and promote healing.

No more stacking 3 or 4 regular pillows to prop up for an extended time. A Poised Pillow is all you need.

Surgery? Back pain? Circulation problems?

Discover how Poised Pillows can help. 

Why Buckwheat?

Most importantly: It doesn’t shift. 


It’s comfortable and soft, but the interlocking nature
of buckwheat hulls means that your pillow
stays exactly where you need it.


But wait, there’s more! 
Our buckwheat is carefully researched and hand-selected to be ideal for therapeutic pillows. 

  • Our buckwheat hulls are organically grown and milled for an open shell, providing good airflow so your pillow stays cool. (compared to flat milled buckwheat)

  • The plants are naturally resistant to pests, so critters won’t live in your pillow.

  • It’s hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites.

  • Our buckwheat is US-grown, milled and air-cleaned.

  • There are no chemicals, pesticides or fumigation needed or allowed as in many foreign-grown supplies.

Made with Love.

Thoughtful & refined design, tested and proven in real recovery settings. 

100% cotton twill fabric - More substantial & stronger with an durable cross weave.

Every seam is reinforced and surged for strength & smoothness.

Each pillow is filled just right for maximum support & conformability. Each design is weighted specifically for the job it's intended to do and used in many different ways. 

Just in Case.

Brighten up your recovery with a custom-sized pillowcase. 

100% cotton fabric in clean white or fun, bright patterns.

Open-ended design, does not slide off.

Protect your pillow against dirt & oils to extend its lifespan.

We always recommend using a pillowcase, whether ours or yours, since pillowcases can be washed but your pillows can not. 

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