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We've got your back. 

And leg. And arm, neck, shoulder . . . and iPad. 

Poised Pillows are specially designed & crafted to provide soft, stable support right where you need it to maximize your comfort and promote healing.


Each pillow can adjust to 3 different positions to provide low, medium and high elevation for limbs recovering from surgery or injury.

(Always ask your doctor about the right time to elevate after surgery to avoid blood clots)


Our buckwheat pillows provide the best support for back and neck soreness.


In particular, our Fullback pillow is like taking your sofa to bed with you!


Any of our pillows can be used for multiple purposes, 

but we've created some with particular jobs in mind. 

Little Champ

10" x 13" – 1 lb*

A little guy, for lower back or neck, perfect for kids, and great for holding your iPad or laptop.

Big Champ

14" x 16" – 3 lb*

A little bigger with more support. Ideal for toddler's limbs.
Perfect for a head pillow.


10" x 17" – 2 lb*

Great support for the neck or lower back. Position buckwheat to support those sore curved areas. 


15" x 21" – 5 lb*

Ideal for arm and shoulder support.

Softer and more flexible
than the Leg Up.

Leg Up

15" x 21" – 6 lb*

Firmer than the Armstrong.

Amazing for supporting the FULL leg. (not just the knee to retain mobility)


12" x 24" – 5 lb*

Full-back or abdominal support.

The "take your sofa to bed" pillow.

Great for pregnancy. 

* Weights vary slightly due to current stock and style of buckwheat.

See them in action.

Every pillow can be used in 3 elevations, helping limbs heal faster. 

Our leg pillow supports the FULL leg for maximum comfort.

Exceptional for post-op and severe injury recovery.

...and, NO shifting!

No more fighting with falling pillows. 

Poised Pillows stay put. 

Tap any pillow to order.

Tap any pillow to order.

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