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Pillow Talk.

I have struggled with degenerative back disease for years and finally had extensive spinal surgery. These pillows supported my back after surgery and relieved the "pressure point" pain down my entire spinal column.


I place the pillows along my spine, punch them into place and they provided stable pain relief ... and they stay where I put them so there is no constant readjustment, unlike the pillows I was using. I also use these pillows in the car, and when I travel I take them with me!  These pillows offer true support and are a WONDERFUL THING...a true gift from Heaven.

Melessa, North Carolina

When I dislocated my shoulder, I used my pillow for support to keep it immobilized. It worked. I now use the pillow between my knees because I'm bone-on-bone and it takes the pressure off my knees. I also use it when I sit in a chair and work on a computer. I put it behind my head which keeps my back straight. I recommend it!

Arnold Rogers, MD

I suffer from sciatic nerve damage. When I lie down, I use these pillows between my knees to keep my back aligned. After about 5 minutes, I start to feel significantly better. The buckwheat is a good weight because it stabilizes my back posture. Once the pillows are in place they stay put and I no longer have to move around to constantly adjust. I use them night and day ... such a relief!

Bob, North Carolina

​On August 17, 2017, while my daughter Cana and I were serving at a special needs camp, she fell asleep on the top bunk bed during rest time and fell out and suffered a compound fracture in her right arm. It was a long and difficult surgery, full of screws and plates in her precious limb, but with our faithful God holding her close and the many prayers of loved ones, she made it through the surgery well.


Shortly after arriving home, a great friend recommended Poised Pillows to us. Getting Cana propped properly was such a chore trying to support the back of her elbow and her wrist all at one time. We were just using multiple pillows to tuck her in. We were hopeful to try anything that would help with her comfort.


We received our Poised Pillows in the mail, and started using all of them right away (Armstrong & Bookend).  Cana absolutely loves them and they are so much easier to manipulate and use than regular pillows. It's so great that they're so portable too. They got her through her seven hour hunter's safety class ten days after the break.


After two months of mounds of therapy and orthopedic appointments, the surgeon who told this precious girl in August that she likely wouldn’t play basketball until at least March and gave her little confidence that she would ever regain full use of her arm released her to do 100% of all of her normal activities. In his words while looking at her X-ray, “You can’t even tell where the breaks were.” Only God, you guys. Only God. 


The stories of the way God provided us with key people at just the right times are amazing, and we will gladly testify to His provision all of our days.


We are also so grateful for Poised Pillows in providing the elevation and support needed to assist in the healing process. Thank you, Poised Pillows!

Nikki B. from Virginia

I LOVE my Poised Pillows! They are the greatest thing to come to me in years of trying to be comfortable in bed.


With bad shoulders, problems snoring and a beat-up neck, I have needed all the help I can get to find a good position for rest and sleep, and these things really fill a lot of the need. They are completely adjustable into any shape and then they STAY that way. They have some weight to them, so they don't migrate all over the place. And they just plain feel good under my neck, shoulders, arms, knees or legs.


For example, I sleep most comfortably on my side. So I'll put one of the Fullback pillows behind my back up close, and it just stays there! When I wake up, it's still there, and I'm still on my side, because it silently and faithfully kept me there. Without it, I'm sure to be on my back soon, snorting myself awake.


Also, the Armstrong is the best thing for propping up my elbows so I can read in bed or goof around on my phone before I conk.


Thank you for recommending the Poised Pillow. It has been a wonderful sleep aid. And . . . I think of you every night!

Dr. Tom Bailey, DMD

These therapeutic pillows are truly amazing! I broke one hand and badly sprained the other resulting in surgery and two casts. I had to have constant help in moving and placing pillows that would slip and slide every time I tried to move to a comfortable position. I was getting weary just battling the regular pillows!

Then I tried the therapeutic buckwheat hull pillows and the relief I got just from being able to remain in place was incredible and very welcoming! I was finally able to rest for longer periods and be more comfortable. 

Do yourself a favor and try these pillows. You won't regret it.

Loretta S. from Hawaii

My husband has used a buckwheat pillow for years! The Poised Pillows are his favorite!

Susan P. from PA

The pillow custom made for my neck has allowed me to sleep well and awake refreshed with no more pain or numbness in my arms.

Joe from PA

I used my pillow for my knee. Using it to prop my knee gave me wonderful support and, I believe, enabled it to heal quicker.


It definitely relieved the pain.


A while back, I gave it to a friend who had major back surgery and had to sleep on her sofa. She said the stability it gave her was wonderful at reducing the pain and kept her back still so she wouldn't accidentally twist her back (ouch!!).


She still uses it every day even though she is now mobile.

At the time I gave it away, I used it to prop both knees up and loved it. Even though my knees are now ok, I'm thinking of buying another one just for that purpose.

Phyllis from NC

I broke my arm about 7 weeks ago, I had so much pain and there was no way I could get comfortable.


I was told to use [regular] pillows under my arm and it was a nightmare.


I got the poised pillow and it was amazing how it helped me. The other pillows slipped off all the time. This pillow is filled with buckwheat and it stays in place.


It truly has made a difference during this difficult time.

Janet from PA

My family have used various sizes of Poised Pillows for various reasons....We are always satisfied! My husband uses one for his neck every night.


I use one when my sciatica flares to keep me in a comfortable position while I sleep.


My daughter used one to keep her leg elevated when she tore her achilles tendon.


What is great about them is that once you get your limb in the right position it stays in the right position (it won't slide out of position as when you use traditional pillows). Because of the materials used it never feels hard and doesn't get hot.


You can stack them, travel with them, and mold them to the position you need to feel comfortable and relieve pain.

Katie from PA

This is truly a magic pillow and it has become my new best friend. I’m now well into physical therapy, which is extremely unpleasant but necessary. It’s a joy to have my pillow who is so soothing, molding around my aching arm . It’s also invaluable while I sleep by supporting my arm and keeping it from moving around.

Marlene from PA

Thank you very much for sending me my special pillow.  I sleep with it every night and it's the perfect size to prop my arm up without being in the way, or too hot on my lap.  And it's heavy enough it doesn't slide around while I sleep.  Thank you for making my difficult situation just a little bit more manageable.

Blake, age 5

This pillow is so amazing! I ruptured my achilles tendon which lead to surgery. I have used this pillow every day since it arrived. Thank you so much.

Jeff from PA

My story starts when I jumped out of my SUV and met the ground with crushing back pain. After getting in the house I spent several days going to the chiropractor and laying on ice packs.


Sleeping through the night was impossible, due to recurring spasms and pain. At the same time I was expecting a visit from old friends who had been overseas for years.


A mutual friend from my area also visited when the internationals arrived at my house. Having heard of my back trouble she generously supplied me with two of her therapeutic buckwheat pillows. This was a gift from heaven! With the support of these pillows, I could lay on my side and actually get comfortable in bed.


Additionally, I was able to stay asleep, without being awakened by spasms and pain. While providing great support the pillows did not shift in bed and did not have to be re positioned. I continue to use them as i recover and am nearly symptom free now.


Thank you so much for the wonderful Poised Pillows. They were truly a gift from heaven!


This pillow is very comfortable when supporting my partially paralyzed right foot. I love the way it contours to my legs and feet both when it's flat and when I place the pillow on its side. I also use it to provide necessary lumber support when sitting in a chair or recliner."

Dan from PA

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