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Personal? You bet it is.

Evelyn "Ozzie" Nelson

Hi. I'm Ozzie.

I'm a below-the-knee amputee. I've had 2 total knee replacements, 1 hip replacement and back surgery  . . . obviously more surgeries than I've ever wanted!  


During my therapy and recovery process, I experienced better healing and comfort when the affected limbs were elevated. But I had to stack pillows that would constantly shift. Nurses would need to constantly re-position them. It became exhausting for everyone.

I made my own first buckwheat pillow and was amazed at the support it gave.  It was solid and stable, allowing me more time to rest and recover.


It worked so well that for the past 10 years I've been making them for friends who have experienced fractures, surgeries and other medical ailments.  


I brought it to one of my physical therapy appointments and the professionals noticed how well it worked during the session.  They asked about the possibility for using these for other clients, and Poised Pillows was born.  


My deepest hope is that these pillows make your own recovery and healing process more comfortable.

A Pillow with Purpose.

None of us wake up one morning and decide today we'd like to be in pain. Sometimes we are breezing along in life and stuff just happens. Maybe illness or disease has come to live with you for a season. Maybe an unexpected auto accident, temporary or life altering days of pain sits with you and tries to be a friend.


That's why we do what we do.  We might not be able to wave a magic wand and make the pain all disappear completely, so we bring a little help along to lighten the burden of pain or injury.  


It's well-known that propping your feet up helps reduce swelling and promotes healing. That is true for any hurting body part—especially after surgery or injury.

Doctors can prescribe medicine and treatments, but a Poised Pillow is something you can do for yourself.


So use our products to help in the healing and make your day or night a bit more manageable.  

*pattern styles may change due to updates and availability. 

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