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Little Champ — Buckwheat Therapy Pillow perfect for kids

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Product Details
Brand: Poised Pillows

The Little Champ therapeutic buckwheat pillow is perfect for your lower back or neck, but also works great for kids and for holding your tablet for cool and comfortable browsing.

Size: 10" x 13”
Weight: 1 lb. (approx)

Little kids need support too, especially when they break a bone or injure themselves. When they need a limb elevated or extra support around their body, the Little Champ is the perfect companion. Sleeping through the night after a fracture can be difficult for kids, and the Little Champ will help stabilize their limb so they are less likely to move around and wake themselves.


Remember: Poised Pillows cannot be washed – but the pillowcases can! Be sure to add a custom-fitted pillowcase to each pillow you own. Please add one extra day for production before you can expect your order to arrive, as each Poised Pillowcase is made to order. See your options here:


Our buckwheat pillows are ideal to support your body ANYTIME, but especially in rehab and recovery situations, such as post-op, physical therapy, chiropractic, or just plain rest from injury.

Poised Pillows provide soft, stable support right where you need it. The buckwheat hulls allow the pillow to conform to your body and hold its shape while staying cool and comfortable. All of our buckwheat pillows are easily configured into 3 positions: flat, horizontal standing or vertical standing, giving you options for elevation and support.

We've had people use these pillows to rest and recover from a wide variety of health-related issues, including: knee surgery, varicose veins, circulation, upper arm pain, back pain, shoulder injury, breaks and sprains, cellulitis, cardiac surgery, mastectomy and even cancer-related issues. They are also fantastic for pregnancy, providing support in the various positions needed in this uniquely uncomfortable time!


The buckwheat used in every Poised Pillow is:
– Organically grown
– Hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites and pests
– Thoughtfully researched & hand-selected to be ideal for therapeutic pillows
– Milled carefully to keep the shape of the buckwheat hull, which allows air to move freely and keeps your pillow cool
– US-grown, milled and air-cleaned with no chemicals, pesticides or fumigation, as in many foreign-grown supplies

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