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Poised Pillows - Pillows for post-surgery and injury recovery

We Support Your Healing.

Handmade Buckwheat Pillows for Faster & More Comfortable Recovery from Injury, Surgery and Day-to-Day Life

Say "goodbye"
to sliding stacks of pillows!

About Poised Pillows

Simple & Simply Effective.

Poised PIllows are custom-sized, hand-made pillows designed specifically to make healing from surgery and injury faster and more effective. 

The pillows are filled with clean buckwheat hulls. The hulls are soft, but they interlock with each other, so the pillow stays where you put it. Period. 

This allows limbs to stay put in the most comfortable position to optimize circulation and increase comfort for longer period of time. 

Poised pillows
Poised Pillows - Welcome!

Poised Pillows - Welcome!

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"I have suffered with low back pain for decades. When it flares up, I need solid support while I sleep. The Poised Pillow provides just that. It has the perfect characteristics to stay put during a night’s sleep.”

Mike Duncan

President and CEO

Penn Medicine Chester County Hospital

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Our pillows help relieve pain, reduce swelling & improve circulation.

Find out how.


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Who Needs a Poised Pillow?

Surgical recovery

Neck pain



Varicose veins

Upper arm pain

Back pain

Degenerative discs

Shoulder injury





Cardiac conditions


Cancer patients

For individuals

AND organizations like:


Physical Therapists

Nursing Homes


Muscle & Joint Specialists

Sports Therapy

Recovery Centers

Mobility Specialists

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